Introduction to development and validation of measurement scale

  1. Dr Zali Mohd Nor, Pacific Rim Objective Measurements Society (PROMS)
  2. Prof Dr Jamalludin Ab Rahman, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

In human science research, it is not easy to develop a valid measurement scale. Proper development and validation of such scale is crucial. Factor analysis is being used widely to validate scale. Proper understanding of its concept and procedure on using them is crucial. This shall be the aim of this workshop.


Part 1

  • Which Validity are You Referring to?
  • Instrument Content
  • Scoring, Categories/Scales
  • Internal validity
  • Reliability vs Validity
  • External Validity

Part 2

  • What is scale?
  • What is latent variable?
  • Reflective vs. formative construct
  • Factoranalysis vs. principal component analysis
  • Hands-on

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