Brief Guidelines for Methods and Statistics in Medical Research


This book will provide quick guidelines on how to start, to plan and to con-duct a research; how to properly plan and collect data and finally to analyse and report the findings from the research. There are already many books on research methodology available in the circulation. There are also many biostatistics books with step-by-step instruction using SPSS. This book is not meant to repeat all in-formation from those books but rather to complement them. This book combines both topics into one because research methodology and statistical analysis are closely related. This book highlights the critical points when doing research. There are many steps to be undertaken when doing a research, however the book will focus on steps that are considered very important.
Those coming from non-mathematical side often find it difficult when it comes to analyse the data. So the statistical analysis is written in step-by-step format using IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows with some important notes provided when required.
The concepts and examples used in this book cover method for quantita-tive, and not suitable for qualitative research. The content was chosen and structured based on experience in teaching medical and allied health undergraduates, postgraduates, and medical personnel.

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