Biostatistics Workshop Series

The workshop was first organised in 30 August 2003 by Department of Community Medicine (then, Department of Community Health and Family Medicine). It was known previously as SPSS Workshop for Medical Researchers (using SPSS version 9). Back then, the workshop were organised to cater mostly for medical officers and specialists from IIUM and HTAA.

Biostatistics Workshop today, is a two-days workshop organised to cover basic and intermediate biostatistics with contents tailored for healthcare and clinical practitioners and post-graduate students.

Participants will be introduced to the concepts in biostatistics and hands-on on statistical analyses which include:

  • Bivariable analyses – t-test, chi-square, one-way ANOVA, correlation coefficient test, Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskall-Wallis
  • Multivariable analyses – linear regression, general linear model and logistic regression

Participants will be taught on how to choose and run statistical test; and then interpret and report the results of statistical analyses done. In this workshop, the software used is IBM SPSS Statistics.

Participants are expected to have skill in basic computing (operating computers) including Microsoft Office applications.

The instructor for this workshop is Professor Dr. Jamalludin Ab Rahman and the main reference for this workshop is his book, Brief Guidelines for Methods and Statistics in Medical Research.

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Lecture Slides


Day 1
Day 2