Message from Chief Editor

First and foremost I wish you all a happy new year. I thank you’ll for your commitment and support thus far. We had a bumpy ride during 2017 due to changes in the secretariat and technical problems in our server hosting the OJS platform resulting in delays in responding to queries and other communication issues. Unfortunately this was beyond our control and I take this opportunity to apologize for these shortcomings. We have rectified the issue to a great extent but is an ongoing process. Our aim is to ensure that the time from submission to final decision will be less than 12 weeks.

We are embarking on new initiatives in both strategic and meaningful ways to improve IMJM’s success. A few changes will be implemented as a part of this endeavor. Firstly we plan to increase the number of issues from two to three this year and starting from January 2019, we will be publishing quarterly. Secondly, due to lack of funding from the university we are compelled to increase the fee structure. The processing fee will be RM 100 and the publication fee will be increased to RM 750. This will be effective from our next issue due to be out in April 2018.

I sincerely hope that you will continue your support and submissions to IMJM.

Nasser Amjad
Chief Editor