Volume 12 No 2 (Dec 2013)

'Picture from a histopathological specimen of a well-differentiated  squamous-cell  carcinoma arising from the rectal mucosa

‘Picture from a histopathological specimen of a well-differentiated squamous-cell carcinoma arising from the rectal mucosa

Sample size in research. When can you break the rule?107.9 KiB1264
Effects of Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan on Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Sprague Dawley Rats: a Histological Study2.8 MiB4254
Perceptions and Barriers of Hands Hygiene Practice among Medical Science Students in a Medical School in Malaysia169.9 KiB5705
Saliva pH Changes in Patients with High and Low Caries Risk After Consuming Organic (Sucrose) and Non-Organic (Maltitol) Sugar163.7 KiB3262
Circadian Blood Pressure Profile and Associated Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Non-Dippers206.1 KiB3619
Patient-Reported Outcomes of Retropubic versus Trans-Obturator Mid-Urethral Slings for Urinary Stress Incontinence: The Malaysian Experience161.8 KiB1450
Tear Proteomics in Young Malays with Dry Eyes171.9 KiB2298
Pilot Study on the Effect of Yasiin Recitation on the Haemodynamics of Ventilated Patients153.6 KiB2084
Continuity Theory of Ageing and Leisure Participation among Elderly Attending Selected Health Clinics in Selangor192.3 KiB7190
Arterial Stiffness and its Association with Dyslipidemia234.7 KiB3151
End of Life Decision: We are not Playing God?136.1 KiB1929
A Case of Acute Hepatitis E Complicated by Acute Pancreatitis in Eastern India172.1 KiB1871
Multiple Nail Gun Penetrating Head Injury: A Case Report424.8 KiB4573
A Puzzling Case of Biliary Stricture with Calcified Liver Nodules824.0 KiB1986
Gender Identity Disorder is Not Simply Two in One122.9 KiB3331
Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Rectum: a Case Report248.5 KiB3653

Volume 12 No 2 Supplement Issues

Islamic Input in the Medical Programme Module As Perceived By Phase I Medical Students of International Islamic University Malaysia82.6 KiB1002
Knowledge, Awareness and Practice of Islamic Medical Ethics, Principles and Practices among Final Year Medical Students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)86.9 KiB1070
The Effect of Qur’anic Recitation on Health: A Brief Review on Previous Clinical Studies81.3 KiB934
Subdermal Etonogestrel: The Effects on Menses, Religious Duty and Sexual Relationship85.7 KiB738
Knowledge, Perception and Attitude Among Pregnant Mothers towards Ibadah80.5 KiB953
The Effects of Family Dynamic to Psychological Aspects of Transsexuals at Kuantan, Pahang 201287.0 KiB771
A Study of Practice on Performing Ibadah among In-Ward Diabetic Ulcer Patients80.3 KiB806
Awareness, Knowledge and Practicality of Solat Among the In-Ward Patient: A Preliminary Study88.5 KiB1284
Examining Islamic Perspectives in Articles in Health Sciences: A Work In Progress Involving Scopus80.2 KiB963
Leadership Game: An Experiential Learning of Leadership and Management Skills for Final Year Students of Kulliyah of Medicine, IIUM86.3 KiB1092
Future Career As Obstetrician And Gynaecologist: Final Year Medical Students Perspective Point Of View:80.3 KiB1054