Volume 14 No 1 (June 2015)


Aedes aegypti, a primary vector for dengue feeding on human blood

1 Editorial
Controlling Dengue: An uphill task?77.0 KiB479
2 Invited Articles
Dengue in Malaysia – A Commentary112.4 KiB2826
Dengue Incidence and the Prevention and Control Program in Malaysia452.4 KiB12254
Dengue Vector Control in Malaysia- Challenges and Recent Advances164.8 KiB4461
Laboratory Diagnosis of Dengue: A Review230.6 KiB3816
Current Management of Dengue in Adults: a Review769.9 KiB4870
3 Original Articles
Does Mesh Augmentation of the Hiatal Repair with Gore Bio-A® Improve Symptomatic Outcomes in Laparoscopic Fundoplication?845.1 KiB1224
The Study On Range Of Motion Of Hip And Knee In Prayer By Adult Muslim Males. A Preliminary Report440.5 KiB3286
The Effect of Diet Control on the Leptin Levels in Diabetic Pregnant Women154.1 KiB1113
Medical Specialist Training: Views from Stakeholders247.0 KiB729
Antioxidants and Lipid Peroxidation Status In Women with Breast Cancer130.2 KiB1161
In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) Root Extract165.2 KiB1666
4 Expert Opinion
The Naqli and ‘Aqli Integration in the Teachings of Community Health Posting123.8 KiB1734
5 Case Reports
Median Nerve Compression by Gouty Tophi: A Case Report262.4 KiB1156
Imaging and Histopathology Correlation of Solid Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast : A Review of Four Cases.809.6 KiB1723
The Girl With Rapunzel Syndrome280.1 KiB830
Resection of Thumb Metacarpal Ewing Sarcoma and Primary Reconstruction with Non-Vascularized Osteoarticular Metatarsal Autograft538.1 KiB1238