Volume 15 No 2 (Dec 2016)


Sagittal view CT scan picture showing aberrant right subclavian artery compressing on the oesophagus.

Incorporating Moral Values and Maqasid Al-Syari’ah into Medical and Healthcare Practices0.1 MiB953
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Religious Obligations among Healthcare Workers in Hospital Langkawi, Malaysia0.2 MiB2013
Technical Considerations in the Surgical Management of External Laryngotracheal Trauma: Surgical Outcomes0.3 MiB1309
Gore-Tex Medialisation Thyroplasty for Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy: A Tertiary Centre 7 Years Experience0.3 MiB1056
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Smoking among International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan Communities0.3 MiB3405
Psycho-social and Spiritual Backgrounds, Experiences, and Needs as a Transsexual: A Qualitative Study within Persatuan Insaf Pahang0.2 MiB797
Effects of Aromatherapy on Anxiety and Vital Signs of Myocardial Infarction Patients in Intensive Care Units0.5 MiB2978
Clinical and Histopathological Relevance of Helicobacter pylori BabA2 Genotype0.5 MiB816
Personal And Professional Characteristics Of A Good Muslim Doctor: Perception Of Newly Graduated Doctors0.2 MiB1957
Norms for Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) among Secondary School Students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia0.3 MiB2590
A Review of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours- A Single Centre Experience1.0 MiB1058
Correlation between Peer Assessment Score and Final Examination Mark among IIUM First Year Medical Students0.2 MiB908
Dysphagia Lusoria: A Case Report0.3 MiB1394
An Unusual Cause of Lobulated Lung Mass0.3 MiB1295
Perforated Incisional Littre’s Hernia: A Rare Content of a Common Hernia0.4 MiB751
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in Evan’s Syndrome: An Unusual Presentation0.3 MiB960
Systematic Review on the Functional Status of Elderly Hip Fracture Patients using Katz Index of Activity of Daily Living (Katz ADL) Score0.3 MiB2486
Quiz on Airway0.3 MiB673