What is MY1200?

MY1200 stands for MALAYSIA1200, a cycling event organised by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on 29th February 2020. There are three events altogether; a 35KMx2 Fun-ride from IIUM Kuantan to Gambang and return; 280KM Endu-ride from IIUM Kuantan to IIUM Gombak using the old roads through Maran, Temerloh, Lanchang, Mempaga and Bentong; and the first ever 1200KM unsupported Ultra-ride in Malaysia through all IIUM campuses.

Is Ultra-ride MY1200 an event organised by Audax Randonneur Malaysia?

This event is organised by IIUM Kuantan. One of the objective is to introduce our campuses to the community. We have 4 campuses, Gombak being the main one, then Kuantan where it has most of the health sciences faculties, then our Centre of Foundation Study in Gambang and well as the one in Pagoh.
Audax Randonneur Malaysia (ARM) is planning to have its LRM’s sanctioned 1200 km ride end of 2020. We hope that you can join this event, perhaps as a training for the official 1200 km organised by ARM.

Tell me about the Fun-ride. Is there cut-off time as well?

It is a paced or controlled ride from IIUM Kuantan to IIUM Gambang, and return. Total distance is 75KM. The ride will start together with Endu and Ultra-ride on 29th February 2020 at 7:30 AM. We are expected to reach Gambang by 10:00 AM. The peloton will leave Gambang by 11AM and expected to arrive in IIUM Kuantan latest by 2PM.

What about Endu-ride?

Endu-ride is a ride from IIUM Kuantan to IIUM Gombak within 27 hours, starting on 29th February 2020, 7:30AM together with all other categories. The cut-off time is 10:00AM on 1st March 2020. There are two checkpoints along the way, at IIUM Gambang (KM35) and Petronas Mempaga (KM191). Riders are expected to be self supported and self-sufficient. It is a one-way ride and if you need a transport back to Kuantan, you can purchase the service. Limited seats available, so please book early from Mr Hamzah at +60196651542.

What kind of bicycle is allowed for MY1200?

Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. The only stipulation is that the vehicle must be powered solely by the rider.

What do you mean by ‘un-supported’ ride?

Only for Fun-ride we pace the ride and provide marshall escort; for Endu-ride and Ultra-ride, there will be no escort provided, and no support allowed along the route except at the checkpoints.

Can I bring my own support team?

Each rider must be self-sufficient. Ideally, no follow cars or support of any kind are permitted on the course. Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints. But since MY1200 is not going to be sanctioned under LRM, so we will be relax on this policy. Just make sure you don’t cheat by taking the support car to reach certain points. Maintain your integrity and self regulated.

Will I be covered by an insurance?

We do have group insurance (we will provide the detail on what is covered later), but you are advised to have additional personal insurance. This policy does not cover any damage to bike or equipment in case of a fall or in case of theft. We also cannot be held responsible in case of loss.

Do I need to wear reflective vest at night?

You must be visible on the road and have sufficient lights to ride safely at night. An acceptable reflective upper-body garment (most commonly a vest and preferably EN 1150 or EN ISO 20471 standard) must be worn between 7PM to 7AM or at times low visibility. The reflective garment must be worn over the top of all garments. You also need to have front and rear lights during these period. We offer custom vest as option to buy.

If I can’t finish for some reason, what happens? Do I get picked up?

Unfortunately we are not providing any ‘sweeper’ on this event. You would be expected to make your own way back to your transport or directly home. We appreciate if you could send a message to us if you decided to abandon the ride.

Will there be checkpoints? And will there be cut-off time for each checkpoint?

There will be 4 manned checkpoints;
1. IIUM Kuantan,
2. IIUM Gambang,
3. IIUM Gombak and
4. IIUM Pagoh.

Unmanned checkpoints are at:
1. Petronas Mempaga
2. 7-Eleven, Teluk Intan
3. Restiran Alif Firdaus, Bestari Jaya
4. 7-Eleven Taman Bunga Raya, Sepang
5. 7-Eleven Taman Samarinda, Alor Gajah
6. McD Kluang DT
7. 7-Eleven Mersing and
8. 7-Eleven Pekan.

For unmanned checkpoints, you need to get an evidence of your arrival to the premise. This could be a receipt of anything you bought overthere; or get your ‘Passport’ (akin to brevet card) stamped.

And yes there will be cut-off time and we will update and finalise them later. But no, you do not have to stay at any checkpoint for certain time. You can just get your Passport stamped and continue your journey.

Is the fee refundable?

Unfortunately the fee is not refundable.

What do you mean by sleep area & shower at manned checkpoints?

At all 3 manned checkpoints (IIUM Gombak, IIUM Pagoh and IIUM Kuantan; we don’t think anyone would want to sleep or shower in IIUM Gambang after a 35KM ride), we will provide an area where you can spread your sleeping gear and sleep. There is not mattress or sleeping mat provided. We will be using our Sport Complex for this purpose. The shower is also available for use.

What is “Option to Buy”?

This includes those you can buy during the registration:

1. Bike storage (or any luggage storage) in IIUM Kuantan. As a long-distance cyclist ourselves we understood that when we travel, especially using public transport, we have problem storing our luggage and bikebag. We provide such service in IIUM Kuantan with a minimal fee of RM50 from 28th Feb until 5th March 2020.

2. Event jersey. You can opt to have the event jersey during your registration for RM130.

3. Reflective vest. If you need to cycle at night, you must wear reflective vest. We offer custom vest for RM30.

There are also Additional Services that you can buy NOT during the online registration. They include:

1. Transport back to Kuantan from Gombak. This may apply to those registering for 280KM Endu-ride. Since we do not know how many are interested to buy this service, we are not able to give exact detail.

2. Dropbag. This service will definitely needed if you wish to carry less stuff on your bicycle. We plan to offer service where we can carry your stuff from Kuantan to Gombak, then to Pagoh, and finally to Kuantan. However we will inform you the detail later once we managed to plan a proper schedule for the dropbag service.

3. Live tracking service. Checkpoint Asia also offers live tracking service where you can buy and this allow your friend and relative to track your progress online.

For all these ‘Additional Service”, those interested can text our Officer, Mr Hamzah at wasap.my/60196651542 for detail.

Exclusive Commemorative Finisher Souvenirs.
These are souvenirs ONLY those completed Ultra-ride within the stipulated time. These include:

1. Exclusive Finisher Jersey
2. Exclusive Pewter Finisher Medal

Once you have completed the 1200KM, you can register your interest and pay at a special counter in IIUM Kuantan Sport Complex. The items will be posted to you later.